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Our office moved into the new premises this year and we've been working hard to make the office better than ever. Stay tuned for more....


Have you ever had a chance to visit these so called mega cruise ships? Are you planning a holiday cruise? Take a virtual tour of Royal Promenade on Symphony of the Seas from your mobile, tablet or desktop.

We have partnered with iLocus Ltd Oy, Meyer Turku and Royal Caribbean to provide 3D scans of spaces on board the ship. The purpose has been to minimize the need for traveling and to provide equal access for architects, builders and other design project stakeholders to review space designs.


Our office just got so much prettier and cozier thanks to this Mini Lounge.

Since moving in to this space, we have been thinking how to use the long corridor efficiently but still keep the entrance good-looking. We also needed more spaces for the growing team for silence, phone calls and small meetings. Now, keep the phones ringing!