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To build wow-experiences on cruise ships asks for creativity. Knowledge about different building materials and methods is our core competence.

Big picture and details don’t often go hand in hand. Experience from past projects helps us see the goals and plan how to get there.

We always want to learn and improve. We have introduced digital tools for improved efficiency in the design process.

We follow a carefully created plan but we never drop the ball if things don't go as planned. Never give up!

Every project is unique and requires different resources. We have extensive connections to shipbuilding professionals and with our network of partners we can build a team best suited for your project.

Communication across functions and nationalities may be challenging. Our multidisciplinary team is experienced in communication with different stakeholders in international projects.

Shipbuilding project is a joint effort of many parties and its coordination requires clear processes. We have developed processes to make the design process for cruise ship interiors better and more efficient.