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Cruise ship interiors on schedule, within budget and according to plan

We work with different stakeholders within a cruise ship architectural design and interiors construction project: shipyards, ship owners, designers and contractors.

    Experts at your service

    • Development of interior design & coordination processes
    • Cost & complexity
    • Loose furniture coordination and sourcing
    • Design submittal and schedule tracking
    • Mock-up coordination
    • Interior material sourcing and purchasing
    • Art, signage, carpet coordination
    • Interior basic design team lead
    • Interior design coordination
    • On-board area inspections

    we are

    commissioned by shipyards and ship owners to work with:

    cost calculations

    • This is our forté
    • What is the total interior building cost of a venue in reference vs. a new ship?
    • SP Frame is a platform to collect and analyze cruise ship interior building cost data.

    design coordination

      • Planning and overseeing architect design schedule
      • Determining content of design submittals
      • Coordination of design with rules and technical requirements

    We are commissioned by shipyards and ship owners to work with:

    material selection

      • Alternative solutions for “Design to Cost”
      • Material certificate requirements

    project management

      • How to get the design intent within budget?
      • Inquiries, offer comparisons, negotiations
      • Defining reference comparison principles
      • Choosing right suppliers, supervising building of mock-ups
      • Support in defining contract specifications
      • Support in defining turnkey contracts

    we take


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